Products Overview

Metal seal types have unique properties and specifying the right product for your application is important. We work with our customers to ensure that the most appropriate seal is selected and designed in terms of performance, cost and lead time.

Benefits of Metal Seals:

  • Able to be used in static applications where temperatures and pressures are outside the limits of a polymer/elastomeric seal
  • Product type and section can be selected and optimised to accommodate customer’s load and springback requirements
  • Able to cope with large thermal movement of hardware and hardware dimensional variations
  • Can be adapted to suit multiple hardware arrangements
  • Coatings can be applied to provide high temperature protection, wear resistance and improved sealing where hardware surface imperfections are present
  • Able to cope with corrosive media and radiation
  • No issues related to explosive decompression
  • Long shelf life

Nicholsons offer a range of core product types that are available in standard configurations including:

  • Corruseal Gaskets
  • C-Seals
  • Boss Seals
  • Corruplus
  • E-Seals
  • Sigma Seals
  • Multi Bellow Seals (W-Seal/M-Seal)

Our catalogue includes Nicholsons core product groups, however, it does not cover the full range of sealing options that we have available. Each product type can be adapted to meet non-standard applications and product types not listed in this catalogue can also be specified and manufactured including machined seals, formed seals, bellows and presswork.

If you need help specifying a suitable part for your application, please contact our Design Engineers who will be able to assist you with your sealing requirements.


Corruseals and Reflexseals are sophisticated crush type gaskets that seal complex applications with tight tolerances. Available in single or multi-ply, they utilise a triangular sealing corrugation form to concentrate the load available to the specific areas that require sealing.


Axisymmetric flexible metal seals designed to accommodate small to medium levels of axial movement in internal, external and axial sealing conditions. Also available in non-circular geometries.

Boss Seals

Internal pressure C-Seal with liner insert designed for use with AND 10050 and MS33649 type bosses.


Developed for high temperature applications, Corruplus provide excellent sealing at low loads in small cavities. Originally designed by Nicholsons for Concorde these seals are approved as an industry standard part (AS42700-AS42799).


A flexible, low load metal seal with excellent springback properties. Available in non-circular geometries and able to seal internal or external pressure applications.

High Temperature Duct Seals

A specialist range of E-Seals designed to be used in standard aerospace flange and duct systems.

Sigma Seals

Single or multi-bellow flexible, low load metal seals with excellent springback properties. Available in non-circular geometries and able to seal internal or external pressure applications.

Multi Bellow Seals

Often referred to as W- or M-Seals, these non-standard section seals are specifically designed for more specialist applications where large thermal movement or tolerance stack-ups need to be accommodated.

Special Products

In addition to our core products, Nicholsons also manufacture a range of other metallic parts including machined seals, formed seals, pipe-end seals, bellows, complex assemblies and presswork including shims, baffles, clamps and clips.