About us

Established in 1923, Nicholsons was originally founded as The Corrugated Packing and Sheet Metal Company Limited by J.B. Nicholson in Gateshead, United Kingdom. Today, Nicholsons Group has design, sales and manufacturing sites in Europe and the USA. With over 95 years’ experience of product and process engineering design and a highly skilled workforce, Nicholsons provides quality components and professional services to our customers. We have the experience and global presence to support you with your sealing requirements.

Nicholsons metal seals are capable of sealing a wide range of media from helium gas to heavy oil, operating in extreme environments from cryogenic to high temperatures, and vacuum to high pressures.

Our products are used in a number of sectors including Aerospace, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Medical and Nuclear. We are proud to be established as a valued supplier to some of the world’s leading companies. Our relationships with our customers are key and we aim to support them with their requirements including product performance, quality, cost, delivery, safety and responsiveness.


Applications: Rotary and fixed wing platforms for commercial and military use. Typically used in engines and airframes.


Applications: From Formula One cars to diesel engines, our seals are typically used in medium and high horsepower automotive applications throughout the inlet, combustion and exhaust systems.


Applications: From high volume turbochargers for small passenger cars, large trucks and construction machinery to industrial turbochargers for Marine Propulsion, Rail Traction and Power Generation. Seals, gaskets and special products supplied to support emissions, heat effects and noise reduction.

Oil and Gas

Applications: Products used in valves and control instrumentation for subsea and surface exploration.

Power Generation

Applications: Used by customers in the microturbine, gas turbine and fuel cell industries specifically in oil, fuel and air systems.


Applications: Products used in valves and pumps in nuclear power plants and by Universities and research laboratories.


Applications: Cryogenic seals for CT scanners and medical product process seals. Customers include Health Care providers and manufacturers, universities and research laboratories.